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Why is VariDerm™ So Effective for Varicose Veins?

Doctor Formulation

VariDerm is a double response proprietary solution, attacking the problem from multiple angles. When a capsule is taken, the powerful ingredients travel throughout your blood stream working on the problem internally. VariDerm supports healthy vein tissue formation and function while helping to increase the blood flow inside your veins. While taking 6 capsules a day, VariDerm is fast and effective, using only the safest all natural ingredients with no known side effects.

Each ingredient was carefully selected and properly combined to create the most powerful non prescription solution on the market. VeriDerm's powerful ingredients restore the health of your veins from the inside out. By helping to restore your body's healthy blood flow, VariDerm™ effectively nourishes the venous tissues and renews the strength of your varicose veins.

GMP Certified

VariDerm™ contains 15 tested ingredients that meet the grade strength and purity of the USP/NF (United States Pharmacopeia–National Formulary) quality standards. VariDerm is manufactured n the United States in an FDA registered laboratory that exceeds industry standards. Our manufacturing facility is GMP certified and abides by the highest FDA guidelines.

VariDerm's - Proprietary Blend of Ingredients:

Witch hazel (leaf & bark) is the natural growth of the Hamamelis Virginiana tree. The astringent tannin that it produces has been used to treat the inflammation and swelling of various veins, as it works to shrink blood vessels back to their normal size. It is known to restore the health of veins and the venous system. Witch hazel works to tighten stretched veins and repair vessel strength. It also works to lessen the pain associated with varicose veins. In a variety of studies, it was shown that it reduced inflammation and that witch hazel has powerful antioxidant properties that influence the anti-inflammatory effects of this herb. Studies also show that it constricted the veins.

Horse Chestnut Seed is the natural growth of Aesculus hippocastanum trees. Horse chestnut seed extract allows the Aescin produced to treat venous or vein problems when the veins do not efficiently return blood from the legs to the heart. This condition, when associated with varicose veins, often results in severe pain. The leaves and seeds produce the substance Aescin which appears to reduce the swelling and inflammation of the veins. It is also used to seal leaking capillaries which improves the elastic strength of veins. It also prevents the release of a particular enzyme known as glycosaminoglycan hydrolases that may break down collagen and create holes in capillary walls. The result of the use of this Aescin is decreased inflammation and decreased damage to veins. It improves blood circulation when used in conjunction with other substances containing tannins and flavinoids.

Diosmin, like Hesperdine, is a flavonoid or bioflavonoid found in citrus fruits. It has been used for decades as a treatment for conditions related to the veins. The anti-inflammatory properties of Diosmin shrink problematic veins and restore normal vein function. For varicose veins in particular, Diosmin works by making the veins more elastic and by improving circulation. When used in combination with hesperidins, studies have shown success in eliminating bleeding. Diosmin helps to maintain healthy blood flow through your capillaries or fragile blood vessels. Together, they maintain tone and elasticity of your veins—the key to sustained vascular health, ease the inflammatory effects of free-floating biochemical compounds and safeguard collagen against oxidative damage.

Ginger Root from the Zingiber Officinale plant, is one of the most well known and ancient herbs, often used as a powerful anti-inflammatory substance. As a warming agent, it increases and aids in circulation, while the anti-inflammatory properties help cleanse toxins from the veins. The herb's anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant elements are responsible for reducing the presence of varicose veins. It also has been shown to keep the cardiovascular system healthier by making platelets less sticky, which means they will be less likely to clot.

Hesperidin is a flavonoid that is abundantly found in citrus fruits, mostly in oranges and lemons. It is concentrated in the membranes and peel of the fruit. It is also contained in some green vegetables. Flavones are essentially vitamins, often known as Vitamin P. Herperidin is used in conjunction with Diosmin to treat venous (vein) insufficiency. It reduces the permeability of the capillaries and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. It has also been linked with treating arm and leg pain and abnormal capillary leakage, which leads to varicose veins as well as the treatment of ulcers on the legs due to bad circulation. When people lack flavones (bioflavonoid) in their system, it can cause vitamin deficiencies which can lead to bleeding. This can be cured or prevented by using hesperidin. Often bleeding which is not caused by injury but by disease - may be signs of capillary fragility. Hesperidin can be effective in decreasing capillary fragility and bleeding of blood vessels. Hesperidin protects blood vessels against the harmful effects of free radicals and strengthen veins.

Oat Straw or Avena Sativa, is a type of grass which has been used for decades for medicinal purposes. Oat straw helps reduce varicose veins by reducing fluid retention because of its diuretic action. Oat Straw alkaloids are known to cause a relaxing action in the venous system. It also has been proven effective in improving circulatory function and relieving pain.

Butcher's Broom is the shoot of a specific evergreen shrub which was found by researchers to stimulate vasoconstriction, which means it could be used to treat circulatory conditions. Butcher's broom also has anti-inflammatory properties. There are two main active saponin elements in butcher's broom which are neoruscogenin and ruscogenin. These are known to be beneficial in topical remedies for venous conditions because they essentially tighten blood vessels and capillaries. Hospitals in Europe use butcher's broom to prevent clots from developing after surgical procedures. When veins become weak and are unable to carry blood back to the heart efficiently, varicose veins can result because of the blood that accumulates in the veins. Butcher's broom makes the veins stronger and allows for improved blood flow and the reduction of varicose veins. When taken orally, researchers found that it repairs blood vessels and capillary walls. Butcher's broom is the active component in many topical treatments for venous diseases and venous insufficiency, such as varicose veins.

Bilberry is a small fruit, similar to the Bluberry.It is often used to fight a condition that is characterized by swelling in the legs, varicose veins and itching. It is know for its great antioxidant properties and ability to strengthen blood vessels and encourage better circulation.

Plantain or Plantago lanceolata is an herb with a long history of use as an alternative medicine dating back to ancient times. Contemporary studies have verified the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of plantain. There are some clinical reports which indicate that plantain extract decreases arterial blood pressure. Plantain contains Aucubin, which has been reported in the Journal of Toxicology to be a powerful anti-toxin. Extracts of the plant have antibacterial activity that is a safe and effective treatment for bleeding since it quickly stops blood flow and encourages the repair of damaged tissue.

Rutin is a citrus flavonoid glycoside contained in buckwheat and asparagus. It is also found in citrus fruits, the rinds of citrus fruits, and in berries like mulberry and cranberries. Rutin decreases capillary permeability, which thins the blood and enhances blood flow. There are indications that it has anti-inflammatory properties as well. It strengthens the capillaries which helps prevent swollen veins in the legs. In the form of ferulic acid,  Rutin can reduce the risk of heart disease. Rutin also shows antioxidant properties. Rutin reduces swelling and allows blood flow to improve, which in turn, helps prevent the accumulation of blood that results in varicose veins. It can be taken orally or be used as an ingredient in creams and lotions to reduce capillary weakness in the arms and legs.

Mullien Leaf comes from a wildflower. The leaf has antibacterial, astringent, diuretic, antispasmodic, expectorant, astringent, sedative, mucilaginous, and vulnerary properties. Studies have verified the anti-inflammatory properties of mullein. A study in Phytotherapy Research showed that mullein suppressed the stimulation of free radicals and reduced symptoms related to an imbalance between harmful oxygen and the body's capability to combat it effectively.

Red Root is a tall green shrub that grows in North America and has a long history of medicinal uses. As an herbal astringent, Red Root's tannins act to shrink tissues, which helps reduce abnormal bleeding. It increases blood clotting, prevents secretion of fluids and reduces mild bleeding from broken skin capillaries, such as in cases of varicose veins. It is known to reduce varicose veins by stimulating inter-tissue fluid circulation, which means it enhances blood flow through the veins. Accumulation of blood in the veins, a thing which causes varicose veins, is less likely to occur. It also prevents fluid leakage and reduces mild bleeding from capillaries that are broken near the skin.

Cayenne or Capsicum Frutescens has been used in medicinal compounds for centuries. Cayenne was frequently used to treat diseases of the circulatory system. Cayenne's benefits are derived from the active ingredient capsaicin. Capsaicin gives cayenne its heat which in turn relieves pain, both when applied topically and taken internally. It is known to reduce blood platelet thickness. It increases blood flow and improves circulatory problems. Cayenne is the greatest blood circulation stimulant known. Restoring circulation is very important for the areas where varicose veins develop. Proper circulation is critical for bringing healing nutrients to damaged cells and for removing waste from the cells. It also has anti-inflammatory characteristics that reduce swelling and antioxidant properties that prevent damage from free radicals.